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Light Up Electrical bulbs in a modern kitchen

The story so far.....

We listened to our customers, and delivered Light Up Electrical. The effects of lighting have become ever more important in any home or business; it definitely has to be two things:

• Fit for purpose
• Reasonably price and most recently
• Attractive and stylish for that ultimate look

So we pooled together our customer desires, industry capabilities and knowledge, in-house testing team and consumer trends. We negotiated well, tested to RoHS and CE approved standards and we will continue to enhance our own range Light Up Electrical to give our customers a better choice.

Salthouse Buyer said “By sourcing from reliable and high quality producers, Light Up Electrical continues to offer products with premium quality at everyday low prices, providing customers with significant savings without compromise.”

Light Up Electrical products will add and finish to every room with our ever growing marvellous range of light bulbs. We have everything you will need whether it is money saving light bulbs, modern LED lights, robust task lights or statement filament bulbs and not forgetting the essentials, wiring, boxes and fittings. If in doubt, email us your requirements and don’t forget we cater for the home lighting to big commercial premises lights.